Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Digital education journal articles

eBooks, Connected newsletter, Dec 2007/Jan 2008, p 7.

The rise of digital difference, Directions in Education, Vol 16, Number 19, 12 Oct 2007, p 2.

Learning with graphic organisers, Pen, No 159, pp 1-8.

Teacher librarian articles

Developing the teacher librarian's collaborative planning role, Scan, Vol 26, No 4, Nov 2007. pp 8-11.

Teacher Librarian creating a thinking community, info@aslansw, Oct 2007, pp 8-10.

Increasing literacy in the high school library: collaboration makes it happen, Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 13-17.

You know you're a 21st century teacher-librarian if............, Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 18-20.

TL extra: Are librarians totally obsolete? will Sherman finds 33 reasons why librarians and libraries are irreplaceable - even in this, the digital age. Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 28-31.

Teaching and learning journal articles

Reforming curriculum and assessment practices: implications for educating teachers in the A to E economy, Curriculum Perspectives, Vol 27, No 3, 2007. pp 36-48.

What does effective learning look like? - Developing models of effective learning, PEEL Seeds, No 94, pp 25- 29.

Pedagogies for the present era, Gregory. B Whitby, Perspectives on Educational Leadership, Oct 2007. pp 1-2.

Mirror neurons: the key to learning? Principal Matters, No 73, Summer 2007, pp 2-5.

Getting into gear with Connected Outcome Groups (COGS), Scan, Vol 26, No 4, Nov 2007, pp 12-15.

Standards based learning: helping students achieve. Connected Newsletter, Dec 2007/Jan 2008, pp 4-6.

Learning from the world: achieveing more by doing less. Phi Delta Kappan, Oct 2007, pp 98-100.

Raising the standards in civics and citizenship, Research Developments, No 17, Win 2007, pp 10-13.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Early childhood and literacy articles

Talking about literacy: a cultural model of teaching and learning untangled, Journal of Early Childhood and Literacy, Vol 7, No 1, Apr 2007, pp 27-48.

Discourses about reading among seven and eight year old children in classroom pedagogic cultures, Journal of Early Childhood and Literacy, Vol 7, No 2, Aug 2007, pp 219-252.

The role of connectedness in learning, Every Child, Vol 13, No 4, 2007, pp 10-11

Mathematics articles

Measuring distances using digital cameras, Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, Vol 21 No 2, pp24-28.

"Back to basics" or "forward to basics", Australian Mathematics Teacher, Vol 63, No 3 2007, pp6-11

Investigating the relationship between fraction proficiency and success in algebra, Australian Mathematics Teacher, Vol 63, No 4, 2007, pp 8-15.

Hot ideas: direct a robot, Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, Vol 12, No 4, 2006, pp 20-21.

From here to there: the path to computational fluency with multi-digit multiplication, Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, Vol 12, No 4, 2006, pp 22-26.

Integrating literature and mathematics: a mysterious connection, Mathematics teaching in the middle school, Vol 13, No 3, Oct 2007, pp 134- 142.

Formative assessment: take-home tests, Reflections, Vol 32 No 4 Nov 2007. pp 19-23.

Special Education articles

Creating inclusive classrooms in catholic schools, Momentum, Sep/Oct 2007, pp8-12.

A review of the simple view of reading: Decoding and linguistic comprehension skills of low-progress readers., Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol 12, No 1, 2007, pp 19-30.

Peer-mediated teaching and students with learning disabilities, Intervention in School and Clinic Vol 43, N0 2, Nov 2007, pp 101-107.

Physical activity instruction and autism spectrum disorders, ACHPER Health Lifestyles Journal, Vol 53 (3-4) 2006, pp 17-23.

Safety first: A mode of care for working systemically with high risk young people and their families in an acute CAMHS service, ANZJFT, Vol 28, No 3, pp 121-129.

Quality teaching articles

Quality teachers and ongoing learning, Directions in Education, Vol 16, N0 20, p2.

Examining the relationship betwen teacher quality as an organizational property of schools and students achievements and growth rates. Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol 43, No 4, Oct 2007, pp 399-432.

Learning spaces articles

Learning by design, Education Review, Vol 17, No 7, Oct 17, 2007, pp 16-17.

Spaces and place: learning environments for the ne(x)t generation, Teacher, Oct 2007, pp 4-8

Professional learning articles

Hit and Miss, How to bring successful professional learning into your school, Teacher, November 2007, pp 22-25

Unlock professional learning: the case for case-based learning, Professional Educator, Vol 6, No 4, Oct 2007, pp 10-12.

The recipe for summer PD, Education Review, Vol 17, No 8, Nov 2007, pp 6-7

Leadership articles

Special issue on : Educational Leadership and school renewal, Australian Journal of Education Vol 51, N0 3, Nov 2007.

Standards for school leadership, The Australian Educational Leader, Vol 29, No 4, 2007, pp 10-14.

Overview of research on Australian Educational leadership, ACEL Monograph series, No 40.

School leadership and student outcomes: identifying what works and why., ACEL Monograph series, No 41.

Leading learning and leading teachers: challenges for schools in the 21st century. Leading and Managing, Vol 13, No 1 Aut/Win 2007, pp 1-15.

Job satisfaction and occupational stress in Catholic primary schools: Implications for school leadership, Leading and Managing, Vol 13, No 1 Aut/Win 2007, pp 49-65

A Leader's framework for decision making : wise executives tailor their approach to fit the complexity of the circumstances they face. Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007, pp 69-76

Religious Education/Catholic education articles

Creating inclusive classrooms in catholic schools, Momentum, Sep/Oct 2007, pp8-12.

Changes in funding and governance of Catholic elementary education in the United States. British Journal of Religious Education, Vol 29, No 3, Sept 2007, pp 287-301.

Catholic family traditions, Inform: faith and life matters, No 110

Soul -freeing pursuits: a list of life-shaping books for children,Sojourners, Nov 2007, pp 48-51.

Religions and health: Is religion good for you health? Research suggest it can prolong life., Choic Health Reader, Oct 2007, p6.

Advent 2007, Come, let us walk into the light' Spirituality, Vol 13, Nov/Dec 2007, pp 331-335.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Online and interactive education journal articles

Learning to blog - teaching my students to ask thoughtful questions. PEEL Seeds No 91, pp21-27

Exemplary online education, Directions in Education, Vol 16, Number 14, 3 august 2007, p3.

Teaching Cyber awareness: security, ethics and safety., Connected Newsletter, Vol 14, No 4, Nov 2007, pp 4-6

The Learning Centre at Mordialloc College . PEEL Seeds, No 93, Sep 2007, pp9 -16

Interactive Whiteboards increase achievement in your classroom., Connected Newsletter, Vol 14, No 4, Nov 2007, pp 7

Interactive Whiteboards - using the new technology in PEELish ways, PEEL Seeds, No 93, Sep 2007, pp 17 - 22.

The Learning Centre at Mordialloc College p 9 -16

Leadership & Strategic change journal articles

Women and the Labyrinth of Leadership, Harvard Business Review, Vol 85, No. 9, Sep 2007, pp62-71

Leadership Framework, Topics, Vol 17, No 3, Term 3, 2007.

The Institutional Yes: How Amazon's CEO leads strategic change in a culture obsessed with today's customer. Harvard Business Review, Vol 85, No 10, Oct 2007, pp 75-82

Religious/Catholic Education journal articles

Standing unprotected before God: a reflection on the reality of the spiritual combat., Spirituality, Vol 13, No. 73, Jul/Aug 2007, pp 222-226.

Christ's presence in the Church., Spirituality, Vol 13, No. 74, Sep/Oct 2007, pp 277-279.

Justice and Peace spirituality., Spirituality,Vol 13, No. 74, Sep/Oct 2007, pp 301-304

Liturgy and today's youth., Liturgy News, Vol 37 No. 3 Sep 2007, pp 6-8

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Early childhood journal articles

Helping young children to think, Every Child, Vol 13, No. 3, 2007, pp 7-9

Philosophical inquiry in early childhood, Every Child, Vol 13, No. 3, 2007, pp 18-19

I know how much this child has learned. I have proof! Employing digital technologies for documentation processes in Kindergarten. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, Vol. 32, No. 3, September 2007.

Library journal articles

Virtual library: e-ssential, Carol Grantham, Access, Vol 21, Iss 3, Sep 2007, pp 5-8

Do you want a connected library? Suzette Boyd, Access, Vol 21, Iss 3, Sep 2007, pp 12-15.

Surfing the Net: the myth and the reality. Australian Library Journal, Vol 56, No 2, May 2007.

Religion/Catholic education journal articles

The drama of Jesus and the Non-violent image of God: Raymund Schwager’s approach to the problem of Divine violence, Peter Stork, Pacifica, Vol 20, No. 2, June 2007, pp 185-203

The struggle for the soul: implication for the identity of Catholic teachers, Journal of Religious Education, Vol 55, No. 3, 2007, pp 46 -53

Teaching faith to the Internet Generation, Religion Teacher’s Journal, October 2007, pp14-15.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teaching PD (models, assessment & evaluation)

21st century mentor's handbook : creating a culture for learning
Paula Rutherford
371.102 RUT

Instruction for all students
Paula Rutherford
371.3 RUT

Leading and learning
Paula Rutherford
371.144 RUT

Why didn’t I learn this in college
Paul Rutherford
371.2 RUT

Results-based professional development models
Just ASK Publications
370.1 RES

Tools for high-quality differentiated instruction
Cindy Strickland
ASCD Action tool
371.95 STR

Standards-based classroom operator’s manual
Centennial BOCES SBE Design Team
379.158 STA

Teaching matters : strengthening teacher evaluation
MassPartners for Public Schools February 2002
371.144 TEA'S/Teaching%20Matters.pdf

Thursday, September 6, 2007

School libraries and teacher librarians futures

Charting a future for school libraries, Scan Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2007, pp 20-21.

Shaping our profession: teacher librarianship into the future, Scan Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2007, pp 21-27.

Web 2.0 tools in Libraries

From grace space to power place: Library 2.0 in action, Scan Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2007, pp 12-14.

Podcasting: teaching tool or distraction, Scan Vol 26 No 3 Aug 2007, pp 34-36.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Information literacy

Database education in Australian library courses, Online Currents, V 21 No 10 Aug 2007, pp 400 - 405.

Learner-centred planning redefines approach to information literacy, Incite, vol 28, Iss 8, Aug 2007, p11.

Surfing the Web 2 wave latest articles

Sculpture - The Wave by Kay Warden - Flickr photo by WallyG

OPAC 2.0: Next generation online library catalogues ride the Web 2.0 wave, Online Currents, V 21 No 10 Aug 2007, pp406-413.

A range of Web 2.0 articles in Info@aslansw, August 2007. Included is an article by Judy O'Connell as well as articles about what teacher librarians are developing as they enter the world of Web 2.0.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Jesus' plan for a new world : the Sermon on the Mount
by Richard Rohr with John Bookser Feister.
Cincinnati, Ohio : St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1996.
226.906 ROH

From sand to solid ground : questions of faith for modern Catholics
by Michael Morwood.
New York : Crossroad Book, 2007.
Contents: The elsewhere God ‑‑ The seeds of Christianity – The destruction of the good news story ‑‑ Preservation at all costs ‑‑ Preaching in a new world ‑‑ Doctrine and Church renewal ‑‑ Repression of thought ‑‑ Hypocrisy in religious dialogue ‑‑ Renewal ‑‑ Solid ground on which to stand ‑‑ Model of the church ‑‑ A prayer for all people.
230.2 MOR

Living with difference (DVD) (30 min.): exploring racism and Australian identity.
produced & directed by Rod Rees.
Bendigo, Vic. : Video Education Australasia, 1999.
Summary: Looks at issues of race and cultural identity in contemporary Australian society. Some of Australia’s leading experts give their views on the main issues, as well as providing basic explanations of key
305.800994 LIV

Teaching values.
by Leonie Rowan
Newtown, NSW : Primary English Teaching Association, 2007.

Connecting the dots [DVD] : linking values & practice.
by Kevin Treston, Voc O’Callaghan, Elizabeth O’Callaghan
[Parramatta, N.S.W.] : Catholic Education Office, 2006
This program explores ‑‑ The key concepts critical to an understanding of values and values education in a Catholic school ‑‑ Core values for Catholic schools ‑‑ Processes that assist in evaluating structures, policies and practices that nurture Christian values in catholic school community ‑‑ Teaching approaches and strategies that foster the development of values education across the curriculum.
371.07 CON

New resources on EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY @ TLRU

Online learning : personal reflections on the transformation of education. by Greg Kearsley (Editor)
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Educational Technology Publications, 2005.
This collection of twenty-six essays presents the history of online education by many of the people who created it. Each contributor discusses his or her work in online education and presents a personal perspective on the field. The chapters explore the themes and issues that have characterized the past development of online education, and will likely affect its future. Distance learning, interactive media, technology for teaching, and building online learning communities are examples of essay topics.
371.3344678 ONL

The self-organizing school : next generation comprehensive school reforms

by Alan Bain
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2007.
The Self-Organizing School identifies nine next-generation reform targets and articulates theory and practice for achieving these goals. In doing so, a self-organized school sets a new benchmark for evaluating site-based data and examples of a process that turns theory into practice. This includes better ways to begin a reform process and understand the roles of technology and feedback in the teaching profession.
371.2 BAI

Better schools better teachers better results : a handbook for improved performance management in your school
By Vic Zbar, Graham Marshall, Paul Power.
Camberwell, Vic. : ACER Press, 2007.
371.200994 ZBA

Sustaining change in schools : how to overcome differences and focus on quality
Daniel P. Johnson.
Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2005.
371.200973 JOH

Podcasting for teachers : using a new technology to revolutionize teaching and learning
by Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura. Charlotte, NC : IAP, 2007.
This book provides the most comprehensive understanding available about the where and how of fitting podcasting into the instructional program. It clearly explains practices, connections, and resources in a way that will support the average teacher in transforming the classroom into an extraordinary twenty-first century learning environment.
371.334678 KIN

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Teacher: the national education magazine

The last 3 issues of Teacher magazine provide a wealth of information for staff. Request any of the following articles by emailing or


Feature: ICT – It’s about culture: How to really integrate ICT Curriculum & Assessment – Capacity building with ICT: How to construct the ICT architecture for educational success. Leadership – Virtual coaching: the cure for the professional development blues?


Professional Development – Take the leap: How collegiality and teamwork leads to real professional learning. Curriculum & Assessment – Grouping students for success. Features: Spaces for learning: where the built form meets the sea and designing classroom space.


Feature: Science – Minds-on, hands-on: Creating competent and confident teachers of science and literacy Curriculum & Assessment – A thinking journey: Teaching and learning in the Year 7 classroom.

Leadership: Good better best: creating better schools. Bullying what schools can do.

Technologies: Reimagining digital youth: between moral panic and runaway enthusiasm is there a sensible middle ground?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Literacy journal articles

Plug in – listen to learn
Info@aslansw, May 2007, pp 4-5.

Literacy, cultural diversity, and home-school partnerships, SET, No 1, 2007, pp 2-6

Web 2.0 articles

A professional development weblog: supporting work-based learning in a TAFE library, The Australian Library Journal, Vol 56, No 1, Feb 2007, pp 36-55

Mathematics articles

Reflections on numeracy and streaming in mathematics education, The Australian Mathematics Teacher, Vol 63, No 2, 2007, pp 28-33.

Mathematics saves the day: Julie clark discusses how using stories can engage students in thinking about mathematical ideas. APMC, Vol 12 No 2 2007, pp 21-24

Religious Education journal articles

Why truth and charity are inseparable, AD 2000, Vol 20. No. 6, July 2007, pp 12-13

The Eucharist: Sacrament of Love. Inform: faith and life matters, No 108.

Models of evangelization, Origins, May 17, 2007, Vol 37, No 1, pp 8-11

The Eucharist: Sacrament of Love. Inform: faith and life matters, No 108.

Finding “Her story’: pilgrims in Rome examine women’s leadership roles in the early Christian Church, National Catholic Reporter, Jun 22, 2007, Vol 43, no 30, 2007, pp 10-13.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring - newly arrived titles

Leadership mentoring: maintaining school improvement in turbulent times (Co-Published with the American Association of School Administrators)
Steven Jay Gross (Author)
371.2 GRO

Coaching leadership : building educational leadsership capacity through coaching partnerships
by Jan Robertson with a forward by Andy Hargeaves. Wellington, N.Z. : NZCER Press, 2005.
ISBN 1877398020

371.2011 ROB

Both available from the CEO Library. More detailed information on each book can be accessed by clicking on the title of the book.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bullying resources

How we treat one another in school: bullying can profoundly affect students learning at school.
Educational Leadership, Vol 64, No 8, May 2007.

Stories of us. [Episode 4], Bullying [videorecording]
371.58 FAU

Bully dance [videorecording]
Bully dance is a lively animated film, part of the Showpeace series, designed as flexible tools to explore conflict resolution. The conflict in this film is child peer abuse and involves the group dynamics of peer pressure and imbalance of power.
371.58 BUL

Beyond bullying secondary school program [kit] : on the couch
Includes a student module, lesson plans and resources.371.58 BEY

Bullying - no way! [videorecording] : a professional development resource for school communities
Takes a whole school approach for collaboratively examining the issues and identifying approaches to positive change. Kit includes written materials, facilitators guide and a videotape.371.58 BUL

Teasing [videorecording]
179.8 TEA

Whole-school pack Friendly Schools & Families Project
371.58 ERC

Aggression and bullying in adolescence Guerin, Suzanne
155.518232 GUE

Dealing with bullying in schools : a training manual for teachers, parents and other professionals
371.58 MOO

The respectful school : how educators and students can conquer hate and harassment
371.782 PRE

Stop the bullying : a handbook for schools
371.580994 RIG

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our digital native students

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald discusses the digital world of our students. "The new technologies have transferred literacy from the page to the screen. They have brought with them dramatic changes in the way we think and communicate, in how we learn, and in how we make and sell ideas in the information economy. And in education, it is the internet generation that is driving this information change."
See the full article here: Digi-kids and a new way of learning

Also on that topic is a video on our digital native students:
View it here:

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Journal articles

Free article finding tools
The number of freely available web-based services designed to search for academic articles and research papers has grown considerably in recent years and with the arrival of Google Scholar and Windows Academic Live Search, it is apparent that this is an area of interest to the internet’s major players.
in Online Currents vol. 21, no.3, pp. 96-100.

All available from the CEO Library.

Pedagogy and Technology - newly arrived titles

Critical Technology Issues for School Leaders (Hardcover)
by Susan Brooks-Young (Author)
371.33 BRO

Using Blogs to Enhance Literacy: The Next Powerful Step in 21st-Century Learning (Paperback)
by Diane Penrod (Author)
808.0420285 PEN

Successful Kindergarten Transition: Your Guide to Connecting Children, Families, & Schools (Paperback)
by Robert C. Pianta (Author), Marcia Kraft-Sayre (Author)
372.218 PIA

Learning By Design (Paperback)
by Mary Kalantzis; Bill Cope; Learning by Design Project Group (Author)
371 KAL

All available from the CEO Library. More detailed information on each book can be accessed by clicking on the title of the book.

Leadership and organisation - newly arrived titles

Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators (Paperback)
by Jeffrey Glanz (Author)
371.2011 GLA

Good to Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great (Paperback)
by Jim Collins (Author)
353.5 COL

The Wisdom of Crowds (Paperback)
by James Surowiecki (Author)
303.38 SUR

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (Paperback)
by Malcolm Gladwell (Author)
153.44 GLA

Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World (Paperback)
by Margaret J Wheatley (Author)
658.4092 WHE

Presentations That Persuade and Motivate (The Results-Driven Manager Series) (Paperback)
Harvard Business School Press (Author)
658.452 PRE

Face-to-Face Communications for Clarity and Impact (The Results-Driven Manager Series) (Paperback)
Harvard Business School Press (Editor)
658.452 FAC

All available from the CEO Library. More detailed information on each book can be accessed by clicking on the title of the book.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Catholic Australia - online resources

The Catholic Australia web site brings together resources relating to the Catholic Church in Australia. A Daily prayer section provides reflections and prayer. Other sections cover Scripture and Theology, the Church in Australia, Mission and Spirituality and resources for youth and young adults.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Barriers to e-learning
The digital divide: barriers to e-learning: final report
Australian Institute for Social Research Adelaide, 2006, 43p.

Motivating and training teachers
There is no sign that the search for the elusive silver bullet of educational change that will deliver ‘off-the-graph’ results is flagging on either side of the Atlantic, if a selection of recent international articles is a reliable indicator.
Directions in Education, Vol 16 No 1 26 Jan 2007

A charter for the profession
Teaching Australia is developing a charter for the teacher profession as a statement of core values.
Education review Vol 17, No 2 14 Mar 2007, p8

Religious education

Study of religion as religious education in catholic schools: a preliminary discussion.

Study of religion: Now essential for the development of religious education in Catholic schools
Journal of religious education Vol 55 No 1 2007 p 23-26 and p27- 29

Religious individualization: new challenges to education for tolerance
The focus of this article is on the relationship between tolerance and individualized religion as the most common type of adolescent religion in many western countries.
British Journal of Religious education Vol 29 No 1, Jan 2007 pp 89-100

How theologizing with children can work
‘Theologizing with children’ has arisen from influences of philosophizing with children, from research in the Piagetian tradition and also from the interest of the Evangelical church in Germany to ‘change to the child’s perspective’.
British Journal of Religious education Vol 29 No 2, Mar 2007 pp 127-139

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Effective leadership

What makes a good leader?
Principals who use their instructional leadership and those who distribute their leadership to their staff have been proven to be the most effective
Education review Vol 17, No 2 14 Mar 2007, p13

Strategic Leadership: an educational leader imperative
In recent times the role of strategic leadership in schools has earned greater significance as a result of the international trends towards school-based management.
Perspectives on Educational Leadership No 7 17 November 2006

The role of meaningful dialogue in early childhood education leadership
Describes the leadership steps taken to achieve shared vision via meaningful dialogue between board, management and staff that encouraged mental models to be revealed and modified as conflicts in deeply held beliefs became reconciled.
Australian Journal of Early Childhood, Vol 32 No 1 Mar 2007, pp38-46

Friday, March 16, 2007

Our catholic culture

Community culture in the catholic school: a matter of heart
Faith formation in the learning community
The educating community and collaborative ministry
Momentum , Vol 37 No 4 Nov/Dec 2006 pp10-13.

Thomas Aquinas: integrating faith and reason in the catholic school
By his fitting together of faith and reason, Aquinas' intellectual approach can serve as an inspiration for educators, especially those at the high school level.
Catholic education: a journal of inquiry and practice, Vol 10, No 3, Mar 2007 pp 343-356

Educating for what kind of society
New Zealand Catholic Bishops conference calls for an educational system that includes " teaching the skills needed for critiquing social and economic patterns that compromise justice or neglect compassion".
Origins, Vol 36 No 3, Feb 22, 2007 pp 573-575

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anytime anywhere learning

Laptops in schools about to tip: what it means for the classroom teacher.
Discusses the adoption of laptops in schools becoming ubiquitous. Gives ideas for teaching with laptops and website urls to help you develop your own programs.
Classroom connect: connected newsletter Vol 13 no 7 April 2007, pp16-18.

The cutting edge classroom
at the: Laptop institute blog
The Laptop Institute hosted by Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, TN aims to facilitate the growth of laptop technologies in education by creating a community of learners among administrators, technology personnel, and teachers in schools that currently use or are considering use of laptops in the classroom.

Redefining literacy for the 21st century
David F. Warlick Ohio: Linworth Publishing, 2004
371.33 WAR
Find suggestions and resources for discovering your own path to promoting literacy in the 21st century within a global digital environment.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Challenging how knowledge is created

Jimmy Wales the man behind Wikipedia is the keynote speaker for's first seminar for 2007.

His presentation will cover:

  • The culture of the online community and the implications for education

  • The opportunities for collaborative learning in a globally connected world.

  • What does it mean to be discerning in today's online world?

  • If content can be created and distributed cheaply, what is the future for entrepreneurs?

  • Who has the knowledge in today's global community?

  • Creative Commons and the public good - what are the barriers to knowledge sharing.

On 26 April Sydney Hilton Hotel, 9:30am - 4pm

For more details and registration visit

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Teach less, Learn more: Singapore's new pedagogy
"Teach less learn more is about greater engagement of the learner and improving the quality of interactions betwen teachers and students."
Principal Matters, Autumn 2007, pp12-14.

Transforming pedagogy: introducing a wealth of online content for schools.
"The Learning Federation is an initiative funded by the governments of Australia, the Australian states and territories and New Zealand. It is charged with producing high quality online curriculum materials, made freely available to all educational jurisdictions and sectors for distribution to schools.
The Australian Education Leader, Vol 29 No 1 2007, 0025-27.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Web 2.0 tools

Want to understand more about Web 2.0 tools such as Blogging, Podcasting and RSS. Just arrived at the Library:

Classroom Blogging: a teacher’s guide to the blogosphere.
David F Warlick
Learn to create your own professional weblog, an instructional weblog, an interactive wiki site and more.
CEO Library 371.33 WAR

Secrets of Podcasting: audio blogging for the masses
Bart G. Farkas
Advice on how to download and enjoy podcasts with any portable media player and Step by step tutorials on how to create audio and video programs from start to finish on Mac and Windows computers.

Blogging and RSS: A Librarians guide
Michael B Sauers
Chock full of examples, Web sites, references, and screen shots, the text provides practical Library 2.0 solutions for all librarians and information professionals.

WordPress 2: Learn WordPress the quick and easy way!
Maria Langer and Miraz Jordan
Easy visual approach uses pictures to guide through WordPress and show you what to do.

How to manage the most talented

Leading clever people
How do you manage people who don't want to be led and may be smarter than you?

Crisis at the summit
Overacheivers at the top of their game are vulnerable to a hard-to-detect affliction that can derail their career. Spot the subtle symptoms early.
Harvard Business Review Mar 2007 p 72 and p80

Preparing for Easter

Dying to Live:A Lenten examination
Here are four steps to a more spiritual Lent for you, your learners, and their families.
RTJ, Feb 2007 Vol 41 No 1 p14-15

Preparing for Easter
Lenten refections from Gerard W. Hughes and Daniel O'Leary
The Tablet 24 Feb 2007 , p12 and p15.

ICT articles

Vista's hidden traps: bugs and hardware problems revealed.

Australian PC User, April 2007, pp69-71

The ICT issue: paperless classes, online exchange, internet safety, girls and ICT

Teacher: the national education magazine Mar 2007

Thursday, March 1, 2007

School improvement through leadership

Authentic Leadership

How do you become an authentic leader? A new study shows that you don't have to be born one. You can learn to be authentic by understanding your life story and by developing self-awareness.

Haravard Business Review February 2007, p129-140.

Teacher teams and Distributed Leadership

Discussed conceptualizing leadership in terms of interaction, helping teachers become aware of conversational dynamics and helping principals become more aware of their role in establishing clarity of purpose and appropriate levels of autonomy.

Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol 43, No. 1, Feb 2007, pp 67-100.

Conspiracy theory: Lessons for Leaders from two centuries of school reform

The conspirators identified aren't individuals plotting to thwart school reform but because they are so deeply embedded in the culture of schooling that we scarcely even notice them, these ingrained proactices may be even more dangerous

Phi Delta Kappan Vol 88, no 6, Feb 2007, pp424-432.

All articles are available from the CEO Library by phoning Lisa on 9840 5737.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Teacher development

Teacher Collaboration
One theme seems common to the best ideas for professional development these days: teachers working together. Whether it's lesson study or a schoolwide program of action research, teachers can learn a great deal from their colleagues. Phi Delta Kappan Dec 2006.
Leaders for the future
Br Kelvin Canavan discussed the Leaders for the Future initiative developed through the Catholic Education Office, Sydney. Perspectives on Educational Leadership Oct 2006.

Leading with the right work

In the January 2007 issue of Education Update Robert Marzano writes "the right work at both the school level and the district level is to do something that impacts the classroom". For more on Marzano and to hear an excerpt from his speech go to Shuffle: sounds from teaching and learning 06 posts on the ASCD blog at

Global citizens

Online conference for students
What does it mean to be a global citizen? This is the theme of online conferences for students being offered at no cost by iNet (International Networking for Educational Transformation)

For more information see website:

Planet Ocean under seige
The Jan/Feb 2007 issue of New Internationalist journal is devoted to the state of the world's oceans. Includes a range of articles and some very useful fact sheets.

New Internationalist is available from the CEO Library phone 9840 5735.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Information Online Conference 2007

The 2007 Information Online Conference contained a rich menu of ideas, inspiration and examples of what libraries are doing and can do with Web 2.0 technologies. I was fortunate enough to attend all three days this time and it was well worth it. The wide and varied programme offered so many topics that is was difficult to choose. Some of the session I found most useful were

Why are we still using hardcopy?
Katrina Hughes had surveyed libraries from Australia and overseas about their use of hardcopy and her results were very interesting. Even though we are moving headlong into the digital world, hardcopy is still a valid and most useful option for many resources. Especially interesting was that one of the main reasons for hardcopy use was as a result of client preference.

Convergence or collision? When IT and Library skills meet.
Where does the delineation between IT and library skills lie, and is there one nowadays? UWS Librarian Lisa Tyson looks at this question and documents a skills audit done at UWS.

From Service to Survey: The Unison Digital Reference Key
In the digital world how do we as Librarian measure our Web 2.0 service? What performance indicators can we use? This paper might be a start.

The Electronic Information Literacy Cocktail
Deakin University Library is using a range of technologies to provide online training and information. Synchronous communication technologies deliver training programs. RSS within the library portal is used to deliver library news, journal articles etc. Visit their site at and login as a guest.

Using a Wiki for Information Services.
Here is an example of ACU Library using Wiki software for their internal staff services manual. The manual becomes much more relevant and adaptable to change.

Using open-source software
Curtin University takes a look at how publicly available open source software can be easily adapted and used in the library environment. For example, Audacity is free open source software for recording and editing sounds useful for podcasts.

Key note addresses
Joanne Lustig talked about the Future of Libraries which she sees as a very bright future, full of possibilities. The ever changing disruption of Web 2.0 technologies is put into perspective when she points out that the invention of printing presses, were for the church, a disruptive technology as it gave more access to a wider range of people.

Librarians rule!
Dr Damien Conway’s keynote address “Four weddings and a funeral” was inspiring and of course he was very much appreciated by his audience when he foretold our future: Librarians will rule as we are the “information literati” and “knowledge connoisseurs" of the world.

After three days, I came away with lots of sites I want to explore and ideas I want to implement. I also recognized the unique opportunity we have in Parramatta Catholic Education as we are well placed to move forward with Web 2.0 technologies. Partly because of the work Judy has done with us but also because of the drive and initiative that can be found in our library network. Many of us are already on board with Blogs, RSS, Delicious and we have the expertise in our Network to share, inspire and drive the Web 2.0 initiative.

Most of the papers mentioned above are available on the web at:

Lisa Nash
CEO Library
Ph: 9840 5735

The Hedgehog concept

What does a hedgehog and a flywheel have to do with great management and leadership. The phrases such as; the Hedgehog concept, Level 5 leadership, Culture of discipline, the flywheel and the doom loop, form the basis of the book Good to Great by Jim Collins. In Good to Great, Jim Collins discusses these and other variables that enable any organization to make the leap from good to great.
This is not a dry read management book. It is very readable and the ideas are based on thorough research of those great companies and the things they did to achieve greatness.
Available at the CEO Library. Phone 9840 5735 or 9840 5737.
More information is also to be found at Jim Collins website: