Thursday, August 23, 2007

Information literacy

Database education in Australian library courses, Online Currents, V 21 No 10 Aug 2007, pp 400 - 405.

Learner-centred planning redefines approach to information literacy, Incite, vol 28, Iss 8, Aug 2007, p11.

Surfing the Web 2 wave latest articles

Sculpture - The Wave by Kay Warden - Flickr photo by WallyG

OPAC 2.0: Next generation online library catalogues ride the Web 2.0 wave, Online Currents, V 21 No 10 Aug 2007, pp406-413.

A range of Web 2.0 articles in Info@aslansw, August 2007. Included is an article by Judy O'Connell as well as articles about what teacher librarians are developing as they enter the world of Web 2.0.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Jesus' plan for a new world : the Sermon on the Mount
by Richard Rohr with John Bookser Feister.
Cincinnati, Ohio : St. Anthony Messenger Press, 1996.
226.906 ROH

From sand to solid ground : questions of faith for modern Catholics
by Michael Morwood.
New York : Crossroad Book, 2007.
Contents: The elsewhere God ‑‑ The seeds of Christianity – The destruction of the good news story ‑‑ Preservation at all costs ‑‑ Preaching in a new world ‑‑ Doctrine and Church renewal ‑‑ Repression of thought ‑‑ Hypocrisy in religious dialogue ‑‑ Renewal ‑‑ Solid ground on which to stand ‑‑ Model of the church ‑‑ A prayer for all people.
230.2 MOR

Living with difference (DVD) (30 min.): exploring racism and Australian identity.
produced & directed by Rod Rees.
Bendigo, Vic. : Video Education Australasia, 1999.
Summary: Looks at issues of race and cultural identity in contemporary Australian society. Some of Australia’s leading experts give their views on the main issues, as well as providing basic explanations of key
305.800994 LIV

Teaching values.
by Leonie Rowan
Newtown, NSW : Primary English Teaching Association, 2007.

Connecting the dots [DVD] : linking values & practice.
by Kevin Treston, Voc O’Callaghan, Elizabeth O’Callaghan
[Parramatta, N.S.W.] : Catholic Education Office, 2006
This program explores ‑‑ The key concepts critical to an understanding of values and values education in a Catholic school ‑‑ Core values for Catholic schools ‑‑ Processes that assist in evaluating structures, policies and practices that nurture Christian values in catholic school community ‑‑ Teaching approaches and strategies that foster the development of values education across the curriculum.
371.07 CON

New resources on EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY @ TLRU

Online learning : personal reflections on the transformation of education. by Greg Kearsley (Editor)
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. : Educational Technology Publications, 2005.
This collection of twenty-six essays presents the history of online education by many of the people who created it. Each contributor discusses his or her work in online education and presents a personal perspective on the field. The chapters explore the themes and issues that have characterized the past development of online education, and will likely affect its future. Distance learning, interactive media, technology for teaching, and building online learning communities are examples of essay topics.
371.3344678 ONL

The self-organizing school : next generation comprehensive school reforms

by Alan Bain
Lanham, MD : Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2007.
The Self-Organizing School identifies nine next-generation reform targets and articulates theory and practice for achieving these goals. In doing so, a self-organized school sets a new benchmark for evaluating site-based data and examples of a process that turns theory into practice. This includes better ways to begin a reform process and understand the roles of technology and feedback in the teaching profession.
371.2 BAI

Better schools better teachers better results : a handbook for improved performance management in your school
By Vic Zbar, Graham Marshall, Paul Power.
Camberwell, Vic. : ACER Press, 2007.
371.200994 ZBA

Sustaining change in schools : how to overcome differences and focus on quality
Daniel P. Johnson.
Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2005.
371.200973 JOH

Podcasting for teachers : using a new technology to revolutionize teaching and learning
by Kathleen P. King and Mark Gura. Charlotte, NC : IAP, 2007.
This book provides the most comprehensive understanding available about the where and how of fitting podcasting into the instructional program. It clearly explains practices, connections, and resources in a way that will support the average teacher in transforming the classroom into an extraordinary twenty-first century learning environment.
371.334678 KIN

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Teacher: the national education magazine

The last 3 issues of Teacher magazine provide a wealth of information for staff. Request any of the following articles by emailing or


Feature: ICT – It’s about culture: How to really integrate ICT Curriculum & Assessment – Capacity building with ICT: How to construct the ICT architecture for educational success. Leadership – Virtual coaching: the cure for the professional development blues?


Professional Development – Take the leap: How collegiality and teamwork leads to real professional learning. Curriculum & Assessment – Grouping students for success. Features: Spaces for learning: where the built form meets the sea and designing classroom space.


Feature: Science – Minds-on, hands-on: Creating competent and confident teachers of science and literacy Curriculum & Assessment – A thinking journey: Teaching and learning in the Year 7 classroom.

Leadership: Good better best: creating better schools. Bullying what schools can do.

Technologies: Reimagining digital youth: between moral panic and runaway enthusiasm is there a sensible middle ground?