Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Digital education journal articles

eBooks, Connected newsletter, Dec 2007/Jan 2008, p 7.

The rise of digital difference, Directions in Education, Vol 16, Number 19, 12 Oct 2007, p 2.

Learning with graphic organisers, Pen, No 159, pp 1-8.

Teacher librarian articles

Developing the teacher librarian's collaborative planning role, Scan, Vol 26, No 4, Nov 2007. pp 8-11.

Teacher Librarian creating a thinking community, info@aslansw, Oct 2007, pp 8-10.

Increasing literacy in the high school library: collaboration makes it happen, Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 13-17.

You know you're a 21st century teacher-librarian if............, Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 18-20.

TL extra: Are librarians totally obsolete? will Sherman finds 33 reasons why librarians and libraries are irreplaceable - even in this, the digital age. Teacher Librarian Vol 35 No 1, Oct 2007, PP 28-31.

Teaching and learning journal articles

Reforming curriculum and assessment practices: implications for educating teachers in the A to E economy, Curriculum Perspectives, Vol 27, No 3, 2007. pp 36-48.

What does effective learning look like? - Developing models of effective learning, PEEL Seeds, No 94, pp 25- 29.

Pedagogies for the present era, Gregory. B Whitby, Perspectives on Educational Leadership, Oct 2007. pp 1-2.

Mirror neurons: the key to learning? Principal Matters, No 73, Summer 2007, pp 2-5.

Getting into gear with Connected Outcome Groups (COGS), Scan, Vol 26, No 4, Nov 2007, pp 12-15.

Standards based learning: helping students achieve. Connected Newsletter, Dec 2007/Jan 2008, pp 4-6.

Learning from the world: achieveing more by doing less. Phi Delta Kappan, Oct 2007, pp 98-100.

Raising the standards in civics and citizenship, Research Developments, No 17, Win 2007, pp 10-13.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Early childhood and literacy articles

Talking about literacy: a cultural model of teaching and learning untangled, Journal of Early Childhood and Literacy, Vol 7, No 1, Apr 2007, pp 27-48.

Discourses about reading among seven and eight year old children in classroom pedagogic cultures, Journal of Early Childhood and Literacy, Vol 7, No 2, Aug 2007, pp 219-252.

The role of connectedness in learning, Every Child, Vol 13, No 4, 2007, pp 10-11

Mathematics articles

Measuring distances using digital cameras, Australian Senior Mathematics Journal, Vol 21 No 2, pp24-28.

"Back to basics" or "forward to basics", Australian Mathematics Teacher, Vol 63, No 3 2007, pp6-11

Investigating the relationship between fraction proficiency and success in algebra, Australian Mathematics Teacher, Vol 63, No 4, 2007, pp 8-15.

Hot ideas: direct a robot, Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, Vol 12, No 4, 2006, pp 20-21.

From here to there: the path to computational fluency with multi-digit multiplication, Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, Vol 12, No 4, 2006, pp 22-26.

Integrating literature and mathematics: a mysterious connection, Mathematics teaching in the middle school, Vol 13, No 3, Oct 2007, pp 134- 142.

Formative assessment: take-home tests, Reflections, Vol 32 No 4 Nov 2007. pp 19-23.

Special Education articles

Creating inclusive classrooms in catholic schools, Momentum, Sep/Oct 2007, pp8-12.

A review of the simple view of reading: Decoding and linguistic comprehension skills of low-progress readers., Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol 12, No 1, 2007, pp 19-30.

Peer-mediated teaching and students with learning disabilities, Intervention in School and Clinic Vol 43, N0 2, Nov 2007, pp 101-107.

Physical activity instruction and autism spectrum disorders, ACHPER Health Lifestyles Journal, Vol 53 (3-4) 2006, pp 17-23.

Safety first: A mode of care for working systemically with high risk young people and their families in an acute CAMHS service, ANZJFT, Vol 28, No 3, pp 121-129.

Quality teaching articles

Quality teachers and ongoing learning, Directions in Education, Vol 16, N0 20, p2.

Examining the relationship betwen teacher quality as an organizational property of schools and students achievements and growth rates. Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol 43, No 4, Oct 2007, pp 399-432.

Learning spaces articles

Learning by design, Education Review, Vol 17, No 7, Oct 17, 2007, pp 16-17.

Spaces and place: learning environments for the ne(x)t generation, Teacher, Oct 2007, pp 4-8

Professional learning articles

Hit and Miss, How to bring successful professional learning into your school, Teacher, November 2007, pp 22-25

Unlock professional learning: the case for case-based learning, Professional Educator, Vol 6, No 4, Oct 2007, pp 10-12.

The recipe for summer PD, Education Review, Vol 17, No 8, Nov 2007, pp 6-7

Leadership articles

Special issue on : Educational Leadership and school renewal, Australian Journal of Education Vol 51, N0 3, Nov 2007.

Standards for school leadership, The Australian Educational Leader, Vol 29, No 4, 2007, pp 10-14.

Overview of research on Australian Educational leadership, ACEL Monograph series, No 40.

School leadership and student outcomes: identifying what works and why., ACEL Monograph series, No 41.

Leading learning and leading teachers: challenges for schools in the 21st century. Leading and Managing, Vol 13, No 1 Aut/Win 2007, pp 1-15.

Job satisfaction and occupational stress in Catholic primary schools: Implications for school leadership, Leading and Managing, Vol 13, No 1 Aut/Win 2007, pp 49-65

A Leader's framework for decision making : wise executives tailor their approach to fit the complexity of the circumstances they face. Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007, pp 69-76

Religious Education/Catholic education articles

Creating inclusive classrooms in catholic schools, Momentum, Sep/Oct 2007, pp8-12.

Changes in funding and governance of Catholic elementary education in the United States. British Journal of Religious Education, Vol 29, No 3, Sept 2007, pp 287-301.

Catholic family traditions, Inform: faith and life matters, No 110

Soul -freeing pursuits: a list of life-shaping books for children,Sojourners, Nov 2007, pp 48-51.

Religions and health: Is religion good for you health? Research suggest it can prolong life., Choic Health Reader, Oct 2007, p6.

Advent 2007, Come, let us walk into the light' Spirituality, Vol 13, Nov/Dec 2007, pp 331-335.