Friday, November 23, 2007

Religious Education/Catholic education articles

Creating inclusive classrooms in catholic schools, Momentum, Sep/Oct 2007, pp8-12.

Changes in funding and governance of Catholic elementary education in the United States. British Journal of Religious Education, Vol 29, No 3, Sept 2007, pp 287-301.

Catholic family traditions, Inform: faith and life matters, No 110

Soul -freeing pursuits: a list of life-shaping books for children,Sojourners, Nov 2007, pp 48-51.

Religions and health: Is religion good for you health? Research suggest it can prolong life., Choic Health Reader, Oct 2007, p6.

Advent 2007, Come, let us walk into the light' Spirituality, Vol 13, Nov/Dec 2007, pp 331-335.

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