Thursday, March 1, 2007

School improvement through leadership

Authentic Leadership

How do you become an authentic leader? A new study shows that you don't have to be born one. You can learn to be authentic by understanding your life story and by developing self-awareness.

Haravard Business Review February 2007, p129-140.

Teacher teams and Distributed Leadership

Discussed conceptualizing leadership in terms of interaction, helping teachers become aware of conversational dynamics and helping principals become more aware of their role in establishing clarity of purpose and appropriate levels of autonomy.

Educational Administration Quarterly, Vol 43, No. 1, Feb 2007, pp 67-100.

Conspiracy theory: Lessons for Leaders from two centuries of school reform

The conspirators identified aren't individuals plotting to thwart school reform but because they are so deeply embedded in the culture of schooling that we scarcely even notice them, these ingrained proactices may be even more dangerous

Phi Delta Kappan Vol 88, no 6, Feb 2007, pp424-432.

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