Friday, March 16, 2007

Our catholic culture

Community culture in the catholic school: a matter of heart
Faith formation in the learning community
The educating community and collaborative ministry
Momentum , Vol 37 No 4 Nov/Dec 2006 pp10-13.

Thomas Aquinas: integrating faith and reason in the catholic school
By his fitting together of faith and reason, Aquinas' intellectual approach can serve as an inspiration for educators, especially those at the high school level.
Catholic education: a journal of inquiry and practice, Vol 10, No 3, Mar 2007 pp 343-356

Educating for what kind of society
New Zealand Catholic Bishops conference calls for an educational system that includes " teaching the skills needed for critiquing social and economic patterns that compromise justice or neglect compassion".
Origins, Vol 36 No 3, Feb 22, 2007 pp 573-575

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