Monday, March 26, 2007

Religious education

Study of religion as religious education in catholic schools: a preliminary discussion.

Study of religion: Now essential for the development of religious education in Catholic schools
Journal of religious education Vol 55 No 1 2007 p 23-26 and p27- 29

Religious individualization: new challenges to education for tolerance
The focus of this article is on the relationship between tolerance and individualized religion as the most common type of adolescent religion in many western countries.
British Journal of Religious education Vol 29 No 1, Jan 2007 pp 89-100

How theologizing with children can work
‘Theologizing with children’ has arisen from influences of philosophizing with children, from research in the Piagetian tradition and also from the interest of the Evangelical church in Germany to ‘change to the child’s perspective’.
British Journal of Religious education Vol 29 No 2, Mar 2007 pp 127-139

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