Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Learning Leader

Our strategic focus at Catholic Education Parramatta in 2012 is 'Learning by Inquiring'. To help guide us in this focus we will be using Douglas Reeves book 'The Learning Leader'
Douglas Reeves, author of The Learning Leader says ‘the best analytical leaders are not masters of answers but rather persistent questioners.’
Learning Exchange has access to both the print and eBook version of Learning Leader as well as many other articles written by Douglas Reeves.

The Learning Leader: How to focus School Improvement for Better Results.

Electronic book version
This book introduces the Leadership for Learning Framework, which gives readers a tool for measuring and understanding how their own actions influence student achievement.

Staff and teachers at Catholic Education Parramatta can access an electronic copy of 'The Learning Leader' book via our Ebook library. This can be be viewed online or downloaded to your Desktop. Or you can download it your iPad via the Blue Fire reader app. Scan the QR code on the left to take you to the Ebook Library version.
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Print Version
Available for loan from Learning Exchange

Other resources authored by Douglas Reeves
Ebooks from the Ebook Library via Staffnet

In their groundbreaking book, Renewal Coaching, Douglas Reeves and Elle Allison offered coaches, managers, teachers, and consultants a research-based, sustainable approach...

Providing real-life examples of leaders who have successfully met the challenge of change, distinguished author and researcher Douglas B. Reeves shows educational leaders how they can create the conditions...

School improvement expert Douglas B. Reeves proposes a new framework to promote effective and lasting change through teacher leadership and action research.

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Leadership for Student Empowerment.
By: Reeves, Douglas B.. Educational Leadership, Nov2008, Vol. 66 Issue 3, p84-85, 2p
The article discusses how school superintendent Sheldon Berman increased self-efficacy of students in the Hudson Public School district in Massachusetts and the Jefferson County Public School district in Kentucky. The author discusses a service learning program Berman implemented in the Hudson Public School district that requires students participate in community service and encourages student involvement in school management and decision making. He discusses the adaptation of the program to urban schools in the Jefferson County Public School district and the use of inquiry-based mathematics instruction, reading interventions and a different history curriculum.

Challenging Inequity, Insisting on Excellence.
By: Reeves, Douglas B.. Educational Leadership, Oct2008, Vol. 66 Issue 2, p85-86, 2p
The article discusses conflicting methods of reducing achievement gaps for students of different races and socioeconomic contexts. The author notes an method supported by the Efficacy Institute, an educational organization, that emphasizes high educational standards for all students, the promotion of motivation and self-efficacy in students and curriculum reform based on student feedback.

CRAFTING Strategic Plans.
By: Butler, Kevin. District Administration, Mar2008, Vol. 44 Issue 4, p36-41, 6p, 2 Color Photographs, 1 Illustration
The article offers information on the key principles to enhance K12 leadership at school districts in the U.S. Douglas Reeves, founder of the Leadership and Learning Center in Colorado, mentioned some simple principles that can help K12 leaders be more effective in creating and communicating objectives to staff and improving accountability. Reeves added that teachers and staff bring about change by seeing and buying into benefits of new initiatives.

Accountability at a crossroads.
By: Reeves, Douglas B.. Leadership, Nov/Dec2004, Vol. 34 Issue 2, p12-37, 6p
Abstract: Argues that the United States needs school leaders who will make accountability decisions that are grounded in research, not popularity. Effective leaders as architects of the boundaries; Motivation of students by choice and empowerment; Legitimate criticisms of standards; Building on strengths; Searching for strengths; Drawing meaningful influences; Adoption versus implementation.

Video resources
Educational Leadership with Dr Douglas Reeves (interview by Kris Needham 4:45 mins)
Discussion around relationships betweens School leaders action and student outcomes

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