Monday, October 10, 2011

Virtual learning and libraries with QR codes

Learning Exchange has recently utilised QR code technology in two different ways to extend learning and access to digital resources.
Firstly, we have implemented a virtual library resource stand external to the library for clients who physically can't access our library easily.

This mobile resource stand displays QR codes that point to selected ebooks.

Each QR code comes with a small blurb about the book and instructions about using the QR code.

For more information see the media release on the Catholic Education Parramatta website.

Secondly we developed a' QR Code Learning Quest' to demonstrate how QR codes can be utilised in learning via libraries.

Participants from a range of our school libraries took part in the quest using our iPads.  Participants found the quest fun, engaging and they also got to know more about the resources in the library.  I have included a preview to the facilitators instructions and participant worksheets via a flipsnack book.  Not all pages are available via the flipsnack book.

or you can download the whole document here.

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