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School vision

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Partnerships for... inspiration.
Rossiter, Sue
Education Journal; Dec2008, Issue 113, p37-37, 1p
The article focuses on the importance and role of students in the process of building new schools and their strong association in new surroundings and school experience and expectations. It states that students are involved for the development of school vision and redevelopment of the construction of school. It also notes that the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services aims to transform outcomes for young people and their families.

What is vision & How do you get one?

Scoolis, James
Thrust for Educational Leadership; Nov/Dec98, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p20, 3p
Discusses the importance of vision in an educational organization. Definitions of vision; Ways to develop effective school visions; Details on the document entitled `The Walk,' an activity that asks participants to provide specific information that will be used in vision creation.

Why change doesn't happen and how to make sure it does.
Schwahn, Charles Spady, William
Educational Leadership; Apr98, Vol. 55 Issue 7, p45, 3p, 1 Color Photograph
Looks at strategic alignment for achieving the schools vision and productive changes for children. How successful strategic alignment occurs; Five rule for productive change; How educational leaders in Yarmouth significantly more than 2,000 people in the strategic planning process.

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• The strategic human resource leader : how to prepare your organization for the six key trends shaping the future Rothwell, William J., 1951- 1998
• The Tao of personal leadership Dreher, Diane, 1946- 1996
• Focus your vision [kit] Jones, Dewitt 2005
• Transforming schools through powerful planning Psencik, Kay 2004

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