Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Voice Care for Teachers

Learning Exchange has a DVD available for teachers that focuses on tips on how teachers can protect their voice.

Voice Care for Teachers
includes useful strategies about managing noise, information about classroom acoustics. The DVD also looks at the many factors that can impact on the voice and teachers share stories of their own voice problems. Produced in 2007, it has been written and produced by speech pathologists Dr. Alison Russell (Adelaide), Dr. Jenni Oates (Melbourne) and Cecilia Pemberton (Sydney) who all have expertise in the prevention and management of voice problems.

The DVD is available for borrowing from Learning Exchange. Also the DVD is available for individual purchase from the Voice Care for Teachers website.

Web-based article

It's no joke if you croak
Published in The Times Educational Supplement on 7 May, 2010
By: Phyllida Furse.
Teachers use their voice more than actors do. Voice coach Phyllida Furse offers tips to newly qualified teachers on protecting this natural asset.

Ebscohost database article
The following article is an Ebscohost database article available via Staffnet. contact Learning Exchange on 9677 4344 for access to this article.
By: DeGroot, Joanna. Teaching Music, Nov2008, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p54-55, 2p,
This article offers information on
voice health problems, its symptoms and suggestions. According to Mary Lynn Doherty, assistant professor of music education at Northern Illinois University, the importance of vocal health is usually misunderstood by students and teachers though it has been a major point of concern. Doherty states that vocal health is vital for music teachers and they are more prone to these problems than general people. She also provides several tips related to voice problems.

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