Friday, October 15, 2010

Team teaching - collaborative teaching

Learning Exchange has recently added an Ebook to our collection of resources on collaborative teaching.
Ebooks are available via our Staffnet - Resources - Ebooklibrary or for more information email

"TeamWork : Setting the Standard for Collaborative Teaching, Grades 5-9" is full of captivating stories and insightful conversations. "The teamers" provide an honest and richly detailed explanation of collaborative teaching in action. They deliver the straight scoop on teaming, offering insights on these and other key topics:how to shape a shared purpose for learning by mining the talents of students and colleagues;how to build strong partnerships with parents, principals, and other key people who influence the lives of young adolescents; how to deepen curriculum integration by "cutting the fluff.
Along with this the publishers Stenhouse have provided a downloadable study guide that complements the book. The study guide is available from their website. In addition this webpage provides access to podcasts on "what it takes to make a team successful" as well as articles like "Team teaching with careful planning it is not a luxury".
A list of the other resources we hold on this topic can be found at this previous post.

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