Friday, October 16, 2009

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

The Teaching and Learning Resources Unit has recently subscribed to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. The aim of the program is to engage children in growing preparing and sharing fresh food through developing a kitchen garden and preparing their own fresh food.

The program is designed for years 3-6 but could be adapted for older or younger students. Kitchen garden activities enhance learning in all KLAs;
* Promoting personal and social development through team work
* Reading and comprehension of technical instructions
* Physical activity in the garden,
* Creative arts skills through the creation of beautiful food and an attractive garden
* Science and sustainability issues are included as children work through issues such as climate, water management, plant cycles and soil health
* Mathematics is given real-life application through measurement, calculation, estimation and comparison.

The programme would also support religious education themes of care and respect for creation, care for ourselves, sharing in God’s creation, and thankfulness for Gods gifts to us.

The Subscription includes an implementation manual,an introductory DVD, and access to the members’ only section of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation website For the login details to the website please contact the TLRU on 9677 4344 or 9677 4345.
The Kitchen Garden at St Francis of Assisi Primary School Glendenning.

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