Thursday, February 19, 2009

School library design

Developing a 21st Century Library Media Center.
PDF document.
The 21st Century Library Media Center initative in New York City includes 5 campuses, 25 schools, and 12,715 students using a collaborative design process to rethink the potential of libraries on large campuses as hubs for learning and community. Phase II will seek expand similar redesign to 18 more schools at 4 campuses. The design process is illustrated here in photographs, layouts, sketches, and renderings. 18p.

Designing libraries: the gateway to better library design

Designing Libraries is an information resource and a forum for anyone with an interest in or involvement with library planning and design.

The Transformation of the Library by Ellen Kollie
School Planning and Management, July 2008

Facilities Planning for School Library Media and Technology Centers, 2007
by Steven M. Baule

Baule has experience as classroom teacher, library media specialist, technology director, and assistant superintendent for information technology. His wealth of experience in facilities planning shows in this second edition of his popular planning book. In simple but not simplified terms, he provides information on how to put together a planning team; how to perform a needs assessment for the library media center or technology lab; how to create bid documents and specification charts; how to develop time lines; and how to plan to move into the new facility once construction is complete. The helpful appendix contains checklists that will keep users organized and on track. Choices made in construction and furnishings will probably be around for more than 20 years, so anyone who is going to build or renovate a facility will want this book. (Not currently held in CEO Library)

Rethink!: Ideas for Inspiring School Library Design, 2007

Rethink! is a new publication edited by Dr Susan La Marca. It includes discussions about, and numerous illustrations of, library design, learning environments, ICT, future scenarios, and architectural and interior design perspectives. The book also contains a special section by marketing and retail consultant Kevin Hennah that shares ideas for innovative merchandising strategies, layout and traffic flow, signage, promotion and colour. (Not held currently in CEO Library but held in a few school libraries)

Designing a School Library Media Center for the Future, 2007
by Rolf Erikson, Carolyn Markuson
Designing a school library media center may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so take advantage! In this hands-on guidebook, school library construction and media specialists Rolf Erikson and Carolyn Markuson share their experiences of working on more than 100 media center building projects around the country, using conceptual plans from actual school libraries.Combining all aspects of design for the school library media center - floor plans, furniture, technology, bidding, and evaluation - this newly updated edition addresses: current and future technological needs of the student population; unique needs of the community library that combines school and public library services; sustainability and conservation issues to help designers and planners "go green"; accessibility requirements, including all ADA regulations from the first edition plus the latest material on learning styles and accessibility; and, cost control and ways to minimize mistakes using proven bidding and evaluation methods.With 30 new illustrations and floor plans and an updated glossary of technical terms, readers will be knowledgeable and organized when discussing plans with contractors and vendors. Using the guidance here, you'll avoid the classic building and renovation hazards and build a library media center for the future!
Not currently held in CEO Library


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