Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest journal articles from hardcopy journals

iPod spirituality, Presence, vol 14, no 3 Sep 2008, p6-9.
Technology changes the way we do things, sometimes in suprising ways. It can even change the way we practice our spirituality.

Making partnership real, EQ, Spring 2008, p6-7.
Discusses how culture of the school can be altered to reduce parental hostility, stimulate parents personal development and help to build community capacity and social capital.

The bullying that follows you home, EQ, Spring 2008, p24-26.
Bullying had evolved and the age old threats experienced from playgrounds and school buses now extend to mobile phones and computer screens.

Young children and bullying, Every Child, vol 14, No 3, 2008, p 22-23.

Authenticity in a virtual world, EQ winter 2008, p11-12
In light of the increasing pervasiveness of the internet Tom Hoerr makes the case that focusing on developing Emotional intelligence must become a school priority and should be an integral part of student assessment and faculty development

Encouraging teenagers to read - reigniting some good ideas, info@aslnsw, Issue 3 2008, p6-7.

Learning for Leadership, Teacher, Sep 2008, p 11-15.
Learning leaders need to have guiding conceptions of school leadership. But there are numerous ways that leadership can be described.

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